Meet Reports

Our meet reports show where we’ve been climbing recently:

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2 weeks ago

Just in case you missed it.

Public Climbing coming back soon👇💪

2 weeks ago

A successful return to rock climbing🪨🌞! Nice to meet new members and those we haven't seen for a while. The Lost Valley, Portland provided a quiet venue ideal for getting back in the swing of things. Also great to see some impressive first lead climbs outside!

1 month ago

First meet of the year! A stroll in Hampshire from Buriton, good views of the rolling downs and warm in the sunshine. Accompanied by skylarks we spotted a hare, and a few swallows. Hopefully the next meet will be back on rock.

3 months ago

We can't get out climbing, but we do have some events online.
Last Month saw Gear Up for Ice Climbing, and the Virtual Pub Quiz.
Tomorrow evening we have Equipment Care and Maintenance - Part 1.
Please check your email for invites.

6 months ago

In case you haven't seen the latest from BMC, news about access at Southern Sandstone which we need to pay attention to:

We’re asking all climbers not to climb on the Southern Sandstone crags during Lockdown to help us prevent irreversible damage to the rock. The BMC Access team report.