The HMA Data Protection Policy

This policy covers all members registered with the HMA

Information retained

The HMA holds information relating to members for the purpose of:

  • organising club meets and events
  • club administration, including administering members membership of the BMC
  • contacting a nominated contact in the event of an emergency during a club event

To enable this, the following information is held on all members:

  • Name
  • Email Addess
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number

Format and Storage of Data

All information is collected annually via Google Forms and held on a Google Drive database.

Email addresses are held in Google Groups.

This data is updated on an annual basis, after the submission of the annual membership form.

Access to Data

Access to your data will be managed by the elected GDPR Administrator.

Only elected Committee Members can access your data.

To facilitate meet organisation, specifically transport arrangements, unless specifically stated not to, individual emails addresses will be shared with all members attending the meet. All members have been informed that they can’t pass or sell this data to anyone else, and that data shared with them can only be used for club related communication.

It is each member’s responsibility to ensure that your emergency contact is aware that their name, address and phone number will be held on file and accessed as described above. In the event of an emergency the information may also be shared with the meet organiser.

Retention of Data

a) Members

Retention of your data will be managed by the elected Club Membership Secretary.

To enable tracking of membership numbers all data supplied by members will be held for up to two years, after which time it will be deleted. Meets attendance and equipment use records, where members’ names only are recorded will be held indefinitely.

Data no longer required, e.g. if a member resigns, or does not renew membership, will be deleted from the Googlegroup, but will be retained in other storage locations for up to the stated two years, or in the case of meet attendance records names will be held indefinitely.

b) Website Enquiries

Retention of data from new enquiries will be managed by the elected Club Webmaster.

Emails will be held for no more than 30 days.

Data Distribution

As a BMC affiliated club, we will provide your name, contact details and date of birth to the BMC to administer your BMC membership, including your combined liability insurance.

The BMC will use your data to communicate with you about your membership. The BMC will contact you to invite you to create a member profile which, amongst other things, allows you set and amend your privacy settings. More information about how the BMC uses data can be found at

We will never share or sell your data without your prior permission.