Meet Reports

Our meet reports show where we’ve been climbing recently:

5 days ago

4 members and 3 guests made it to Brighton to beat the January blues and start working off their Christmas excesses. Amazingly for Brighton it was warm enough to shed the jumpers, and lead practicing started in earnest to be ready to head outside when it gets a bit drier.

2 weeks ago

It's time to renew your membership.
Only £23 if you do it in January.

2 months ago

Back from a week in El Chorro, we climbed everyday through wind, sun and even a little rain. A fantastic trip with great rock, routes and even better company. Here a few more photos to inspire you all for next year!

2 months ago

Climbing and having fun in El Chorro. Shoes were dropped, bottoms were jammed, and lots of multipitches completed.

2 months ago

First day in El Chorro, everyone having fun and enjoying the long routes. Grades have been pushed, congratulations to those celebrating!