Fairy Cave Quarry - Day Meet newsletter entry

Fairy Cave Quarry - Day Meet

06/05/2018 – 06/05/2018

Written by: Steve

Attendees: Adam, Alberto, Ian, Jackie, Nadia, Ruth, Tony, Sarah, Steve, Wendy


It was a gloriously sunny and hot day, and a great day for three new members to come out on their first meet, and for four members to get their first experience of trad climbing.

Having camped nearby the night before Ian and Tony were climbing by 8am. The rest of us arrived around 9am, and soon got into the swing of things.

The routes at Fairy Caves are largely on slabs, and many were soon baking in the hot sun. We were all glad we’d packed a lot to drink, and remembered the suncream as the day progressed. Happily cave entrances offered some relief from the heat – both generally being in some welcome shade, and also pumping out cold air.

The heat did get to us though, guidebooks, nut keys, slings and carabiners went missing throughout the day. A surprising number turning up in the owners bag with everyone denying putting it there!

Wendy, Jackie, Nadia and Alberto all got to learn new skills – seconding and abseiling for the first time, whilst Steve waited to get on the Fairy Caves classic - Rob’s Crack.

We all climbed routes from VD to VS 4c. Ian and Tony bagged the most routes of the day, including 2 multi-pitches, before we all flaked out in the heat and decided to call it a day.