Indoor Meet - Alton Climbing Wall - Day Meet newsletter entry

Indoor Meet - Alton Climbing Wall - Day Meet

03/03/2018 – 03/03/2018

Written by: Ruth

Attendees: Martin, Steve, Sarah, Tony, Ruth


After a week of freezing temperatures, strong winds and with snow still on the ground, we decided our first outside climb of 2018 could wait, and headed of to the heated High Sports in Alton.

Alton is a fairly small wall, in comparison to some of the others we have visited, but there were plenty of routes to keep the 5 of us who made it, busy and entertained until we were tired.

Steve and Martin were keen to continue their outside preparations, so led most of the routes, honing their on-sighting skills. Others mixed it up a bit more, trying routes of all levels in interesting corners and on awkward overhangs. Tony, who hadn’t climbed for ages, was particularly proud of his 6a+ climb.

Everyone was pleased we’d made the effort to get out, and happy to have had the opportunity to try out new routes.