Reading - Indoor Meet - Day Meet newsletter entry

Reading - Indoor Meet - Day Meet

13/01/2018 – 13/01/2018

Written by: Sarah

Attendees: Martin, Neil, Christine, Lisa, Sarah


Five of us went to Reading Indoor Climbing Wall for the first meet of the year. Neil was there first and had got some boldering in before the rest of us arrived. We climbed a variety of routes with Martin and Neil getting some lead climbing in. The extra height a Reading compared to Chichester tested our indurance, especially as the day went on. The carrot climbs (orange holds with green tops) prooving to be a challenge. 

The far end of the climbing by the hanger doors was a little chilly as there was a gap between the doors. By the time we had worked out way down there it was time for lunch and a warm up under the heaters in the cafe accompanied by some hot drinks.

Christine and Sarah also tested out the auto belays for the first time and overcame the fear of letting go at the top to glide gracefully back down to Earth!