Erridge/Harrisons - Southern Sandstone - Day Meet newsletter entry

Erridge/Harrisons - Southern Sandstone - Day Meet

04/08/2018 – 04/08/2018

Written by: Ruth

Attendees: Steve, Martin, Anton, Claire, Estera, Jaqueline, Ruth, Stu, Wendy


Another gloriously sunny day for our southern sandstone meet. Seven of us, including two new members, and two people new to sandstone, battled the heat and routes at Harrison's Rocks, tackling routes from grade 3 to 6a (old grades).

We soon got a few ropes set up, and it began the age old sandstone struggle of simply getting off the floor. Unsurprisingly it was the lowest grade route we’d set up that caused most of us the most difficulty!

We moved around taking our pick from the routes around the crag , Anton and Stu picking out the harder grades, trying and in the end failing to stay in the shade.

We were all hot and tired by the end of the day, but happy with our achievements for the day.

Steve and Martin decided to test themselves on the harder climbs at Erridge Green Rocks, testing themselves on routes up to 7a (new grades, just to make them look tougher!) Both agreed that despite the fact the top outs were horrid, it was a beautiful place to climb, and they were glad the prolonged hot weather gave them the opportunity to go.