The Peak District - Weekend Meet newsletter entry

The Peak District - Weekend Meet

14/04/2018 – 15/04/2018

Written by: Ruth

Attendees: Martin; Adriana; Willem; Ian; Sarah; Sam; Adam; Steve; Ruth; David; Francis

Windgather — 14/04/2018

After driving up on Friday night, we were up and out early on Saturday. With a fair number of us still new to trad, or on their first outing of the year we choose to climb at Windgather which UKC describes as a beginner-friendly crag.

It turned out to be a good choice. After a grey start the sun soon broke though and we mainly climbed with blue skies above us. The rock was in great quality and with plenty of Mods through to HVS routes, plans to move on later in the day were abandoned and we climbed into the early evening. Adriana was particularly reluctant to leave, wanting to get just one more route in. But the rest of us decided a pint and dinner was calling!

It was a great first day. Everyone found routes they enjoyed and challenged them, new racks became a bit less shiny, the club trad rack got an airing by someone other than Steve, and the more experienced climbers got to visit a new area, and climb new routes.

Birchen — 15/04/2018

With rain forecast in the afternoon it was another early start. Steve was particularly keen to get out of the door and start climbing, rushing round packing up and waking people up to get things moving.

The plan was to climb at Kismet, but when we got there wet slimy rock forced a change of plan and we headed onto the main crag. With rain constantly threating no time was wasted getting on the rock. With tired bodies from yesterday’s efforts, and not the best night’s sleep, some people happily stuck to the easier lines. Steve however, with wise words of guidance from Ian, picked out all the routes with the most horrible starts. A particular highlight was Powder Monkey, where Martin’s efforts to get over the chock stone were brilliantly entertaining. The only negative was that there is no video evidence to share!

The forecast rain arrived soon after lunch, but with up to 7 routes completed per pair we headed home tired but happy.