Newsletter entries for 2010



09/10/2010 – 12/10/2010

Written by: Neil Nand

Attendees: Neil Nand, Martin Lennon, Caroline Priston, Lucy Plowman, Brendan Gill, Pete Edwards, Gareth Holes, David Knight, Frances Knight, Anthony Ward


This was another great trip abroad for the HMA even though the weather wasn’t quite as good as previous years due to some rain, however the rain was timed well and short lived so we all just had lunch during the rain and a short while after it had stopped a light breeze and the Spanish sun dried the rock out enough to get more climbing in. Luckly the weather held out like this until the final day when the rain came down in force, luckly however we’d finished our climbing by then and were back at the accommodation packing up for the airport.

Arrival & Marin — 09/10/2010

All members took the same flight out to Spain, a very early morning flight however this allowed us to drop a few items off at the accommodation and get some climbing in on the same day. Three cars were rented out to take everyone around on the trip with the first destination being the accommodation. Due to the Spanish having some kind of long bank holiday meaning no shops would have been open until after the weekend and we were arriving on the Saturday morning meaning we could have got no food shopping in but the owner of the accommodation had generously offered to go out and buy food for us before we arrived. After paying her for the shopping and having a quick look around the accommodation and got all our gear sorted out from the luggage to our rucksacks to take to the crags, Marin was the climbing location of choice. This was a great days climbing at Marin, single pitch climbing only done that day as there wasn’t a huge amount of time to get into longer multipitch climbs before we had to head back.

Salinas — 10/10/2010

The second day was spent at Salinas, very good climbing in this area too even if a little trickier to find. Not quite as much climbing was done on this day as after lunch there was a heavy down pour that wasn’t going to dry out before we had to leave to get some dinner made, leaving only a few routes dry enough to get one or two last climbs in. In all though a very good day of climbing with lots of quality routes.

Marin — 11/10/2010

On this day we decided to head back to Marin as there’s lots and lots of great climbing in the area at grades for everyone and it’s easy to get to. This time most people spent the day on the multipitch routes in the area, some of which require a lot of quickdraws as was found out by one member running out part way up a route and having to make some out of slings and screwgates.

Marin — 12/10/2010

The last day of climbing was to be at Marin also, as there’s lots of great climbing there and we didn’t have a huge amount of time as most had a flight back to England that day. Some people went off to get more multipitch climbing done while others opted to get more single pitch routes done as the time was a bit limited. This days also saw Frances leading her first route of the trip and Caroline attempting her first grade 5 lead. After heading back to the accommodation the rain finally started to came in but as it was still fairly warm outside and the accommodation had a swimming pool we’d yet to make use of most of the members got changed and jumped in! After this most had to pack up and headed to the airport although two others had a bit of a longer vaction heading down to the coast for a bit more of a relaxing time.


Wye Valley Meet

29/08/2010 – 30/08/2010

Written by: Neil Nand

Attendees: Neil Nand, Martin Lennon, Lucy Plowman, Tim Warner, Hannah Saunders & Graham Allen


Originally meant to be a day meet in the Wye Valley on the 30th a few members decided to head up there early and get an extra days climbing in too.

Wynd Cliff — 29/08/2010

Two members decided to head up there the day before the originally planned day meet and made an early start. After pitching tents Wynd Cliff was the destination as it has some very good single pitch routes. Later another member who was already in Wales on a trip met up too.

Wintour’s Leap & Tintern Quarry — 30/08/2010

The other member of the club met up with everyone on the Sunday for some multi pitch routes at Wintour’s Leap, however dispite the lovely weather a brief down poor caused many to have to abaondon the routes they were on or finish them quickly.  After the the rain had stopped it was decided it would be better to climb at Tintern Quarry as the Sport climbs are quicker to do giving everyone a chance to get a few more climbs in even if it did rain again rather than risk only getting part of a multipitch route done again before the next shower.

After turning up at Tintern Quarry the weather stay nice for the rest of the day with bits of cloud, but no signs of rain.  Turned out to be a good choice abandoning the climbing at Wintour’s Leap and heading to do some sport climbing as everyone got quite a few good routes in with the exception of a rock shower caused by lose rock on a 6b climb.


Wye Valley weekend

03/07/2010 – 04/07/2010

Written by: Neil Nand

Attendees: Neil Nand, Martin Lennon & Lucy Plowman

Wintour’s Leap — 03/07/2010

An early start to make a trip up to the Wye Valley to get some climbing in on both days, all members met up to share a car although it did take a little while to find each other.

Two routes were done on the day, which was pretty good considering the drive up there and the length of the multipitch routes with three climbers on them and the weather was perfect for climbing with stunning views over the Wye Valley.

Tintern Quarry — 04/07/2010

The second day was spent on sport routes at Tintern Quarry as everyone had to head back that day too meaning a slightly earlier finish than the previous day. Lots of routes were done at the 5+ and below level on the mostly sunny but partly cloudy day.

Swanage Day Meet

17/07/2010 – 17/07/2010

Written by: Neil Nand

Attendees: Neil Nand, Rob Hampton, Caroline Priston, Martin Lennon, Lucy Plowman & Brendan Gill


A nice day out climbing on the sunny sea cliffs of Swanage at the Cattle Troughs area, perfect number of attendees for climbing in pairs. Lots of nice climbs done, Caroline’s first time climbing outdoors, one member’s camera dropped from the top of the cliffs but some how managed to survive and still carry on working and a big fall taken from an HVS/E1 by another member too, thankfully with no lasting injury.


Portland & Swanage Weekend

11/06/2010 – 13/06/2010

Written by: Neil Nand

Attendees: Neil Nand, Martin Lennon, Gareth Holes & Pete Edwards

Campsite — 11/06/2010

A few people turned up to the campsite on the Friday evening to get an early start in on the Saturday morning without the very early wake up and drive before hand.

Portland — 12/06/2010

A great sunny days climbing at Battleship Back Cliff, splitted into pairs, Neil with Martin and Pete with Gareth. Martin rounded off the day with leading a 6a which the rest of the group had a go at top roping. Most member stayed at the campsite that evening but as it was the first England match of the world cup one member decided to make a drive back to some where with a TV to watch it then head back for climbing at Swanage the next day.

Swanage — 13/06/2010

Another brilliant days climbing at the Subluminal area of Swanage, this time swapping partners to climb with someone different on the second day, Neil with Gareth and Martin with Pete. Both Neil and Gareth managed to push their grade harder, Neil leading his first Severe (S) and Gareth leading hist first Very Severe (VS).


Wye Valley Day Meet

30/05/2010 – 30/05/2010

Written by: Neil Nand

Attendees: Neil Nand, Pete Edwards, Martin Lennon & Tim Warner


A great days climbing out at Shorn Cliff, quite hard routes in the area with abseil only decents off of trees once the top had been reached. An interesting harness made up from a long sling and karabiner had to be made too as one member had forgetten their harness (but had two pairs of shoes)!


Peak District Weekend

23/04/2010 – 25/04/2010

Written by: Neil Nand

Attendees: Neil Nand, Anthony Ward, Martin Lennon, Ian Tingley, Brendan Gill, David Knight, Lucy Plowman, Frances Knight & Sam Kendall

Mandal House — 23/04/2010

Everyone arrived at the accommodation, some quite late so not much was done on the Friday, just a quick chat, some food (for some) then bed.

Burbage North — 24/04/2010

A good days climbing at Burbage North with plenty routes climbed by all due to the short stature of the rock.  Nice sunny weather on the day, even if slightly breezy and chilly at times.

The hard days climbing was rounded off in the evening with a curry cooked by Martin at the accommodation, Mandale House, which went down very well followed by a small birthday cake to celebrate Ian Tingley’s birthday.

Birchen Edge — 25/04/2010

As this was the last day of the weekend trip it was decided to climb at Birchen Edge as it has some very good climbs and is in the direction everyone needs to go to get back home. After arriving there the weather was much the same as before and most managed to get just as many climbs in on the Saturday, a very good solid days climbing before heading back home.